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Tariffs and contracts service;
The office of the client’s service in the domain of transport-forwarding of goods;
  1. The establishment of the most economical corridor of the railway goods transport, logistics;
  2. The reception of the urgent transport applications;
  3. The operative reckoning of the transport tariffs, subsidiary fees and transport services;
  4. The finding of the solutions for the fastest goods delivery;
  5. The drawing up of the transports papers and letters of carriage;
  6. Оформление перевозочных документов.

The office of the international transports logistics;

  1. The provision of the conditions for the goods transport on the foreign railways according of the applications;
  2. The conditions explanation of the goods transport on different territories on the optimal routes;
  3. The analysis, the reckoning and the proposal of the optimal transport rates;
  4. The presentation of the codes for the elaboration of the carriage letters SMGS, according to the applications;
  5. The elaboration of the quarantine permissions for the quarantine goods on the territory of Ucraine;
  6. The tracking of the conditions changes in the railway transport on the foreign lands: transport rules, transport conditions etc.

The office of the transport organization

  1. The wagons tracking on the route, the operative performing of the information about the wagons localization, delay resons and if it’s necessary, to find the remedy for their move on.
  2. The wagon tracking on the route in week-ends and during holydays.
  3. The telegram preparation and the elaboration;
  4. The change of the destination of the goods on the most propitious routes, according to the old and to the new papers.
  5. The letters preparation for introducing of the goods commanded by the Client in the transport plan;
  6. The preparation of the applications for the delivery of the wagons for loading.
  7. Help and consulting in the receiving of the railway code for the accomplishment of the goods loading/unloading at the Moldavian railway stations and its yearly registration;
  8. Help and consulting in the receiving of the right for goods loading and fastening in railway wagons.
  9. The transport co-ordination with the railways – participant in the International Agreement of Goods Exchange on the railways and with West European countries railways.
  10. Consulting concerning transport conditions, the legislation regulating railways transports.

The wagons tracking service;
This office was created in 2002. We guarded and delivered safety thousands tones of petroleum products transported on the Moldavian land. Every year the services assortment is extended, dependence on the Clients needs.

  1. The guard of the goods on Moldavian land and on other countries lands (at the Client’s requirement);
  2. The guard of the Client’s goods from the receiving till the delivery station;
  3. The permanent guard of the goods and the exclusion of the strange persons access to the goods on Moldavian territory
  4. We guarantee the goods integrity.

Booking, control and economical analysis service carry out next works;

  1. Administrates permanently and precisely the book-keeping according to the Moldavian National Standards of Book-keeping and to the politics of the society;
  2. Verifies the accomplishment of the financial and economical operations of the company in a strict accordance with the economical and fiscal legislation in force, taking in consideration the last changes and completions.
  3. Accomplish the economical and financial analysis of the company activity.
  4. Find financial possibilities to influence the profitableness of the company on the basis of the economical and financial profit and loss analysis.

The book - keeping, control and economical analysis service does not limit its activity at a simple recording of the financial and economical operations. The service influence meaningfully the activity of the company providing the economical activity settlement, tracking the currency evolution and financial results, thus forestalling the disproportions and the deviations in providing the services. This service is a very important one of the company because it assures the system function, presenting punctilious financial information that the administration needs in order to take correct business decisions.

The elaboration of the customs formalities and the declaration of the goods.
Elaborates customs declarations of the import-export and transit goods in the station Ungheni. Our branch is situated at the very proximity of the border station that offers us the opportunity to provide a complete spectrum of operative services concerning the customs formalities.

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